Memorable motor vehicles : Museum features cars from films, TV shows

One of 18 Batmobiles made for “Batman Returns” can be found at the Hollywood Car Museum in Hot Rod City, 5115 Dean Martin Drive. (Ginger Meurer/View)

The attraction features more than 100 vehicles, ranging from original Batmobiles and James Bond cars to quirky cartoon and concept cars, but the real star is business partner Jay Ohrberg.

Ohrberg, 75, is a Hollywood legend responsible for hundreds of cars seen in films, television shows, commercials, magazines and theme parks. He started his car career racing dragsters at 18 in Illinois, where he had a speed shop. A promoter came to town and enlisted his help putting on a show. He invited Ohrberg to bring a dragster to Kansas City, Mo.

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Life Boat from Oscar Nominated Film Captain Phillips in Broadway World Las Vegas

Lifeboat from Oscar Nominated Film CAPTAIN PHILLIPS

“The famed orange Maersk Alabama lifeboat in which Somali pirates held Tom Hanks hostage during a tense standoff in the multiple Oscar nominated blockbuster “Captain Philips” has docked at last.

The huge apparatus, one of two used in the film, is now part of the incredible growing collection of movie, TV and custom vehicles on display at the new Hollywood Cars Museum by Jay Ohrberg, located at Hot Rod City in Las Vegas ( The museum acquired it from the Picture Car Warehouse in Los Angeles.” [View Full Article]

Mr. Dezer in FORBES Magazine


“When I show up at the Dezer Collection Museum and Pavilion in North Miami, I am greeted by an adolescent-looking security guard in a black golf shirt and sneakers. He tells me to wait in the lobby while he looks for his boss. Minutes later, that boss–real estate tycoon Michael Dezer–shows up, but not in the expected manner. He is riding in a motorized scooter chair, the kind that elderly folks use after having an operation. Dezer is not infirm; he just enjoys the ride…” [View Full Article]

Hot Rod City In The Las Vegas Weekly


“When Mr. Robin Leach asked me to write a guest column for him, I was honored. I think I might even pilot my Rolls Royce and Ferrari around Las Vegas because of the influence of his hit TV series Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. The only problem is that I’m neither rich nor famous. My cars are from the 1970s and ’80s, and a new Toyota costs more then I paid for the ’75 Roller or ’84 Mondial Cabriolet. But, hey, I’m living the Robin Leach lifestyle — just a couple decades too late. Not only am I not rich, but my longtime profession as an entertainment publicist also is to make other people famous — and that usually leads to increased revenue for them. Before I launched my L.A. and Las Vegas-based firm Luck Media & Marketing, I worked for one of the real legends and characters in entertainment PR: Lee Solters. Lee worked with all the greats, from Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.”[View Full Article]

Hot Rod City In The Las Vegas Sun

“We have on display Barris TV and movie creations such as Grandpa Munster’s Dragula coffin car and The Beverly Hillbillies jalopy. Everyone is welcome to drop by Hot Rod City and check out some wild cars, some of which can be purchased with the right offer. And you, too, can get behind the wheel of a dream machine and live a chapter out of Robin Leach’s Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous — Vegas style!”[View Full Article]

Hot Rod City In Culture Mob

Miami-based car and motorcycle collector Michael Dezer has opened Hot Rod City in Las Vegas, described as “a multi-faceted automotive Mecca.” A classic car and scooter collector since the ‘70s, the New York and Miami real estate developer has accumulated hundreds of vehicles and thousands of pieces of memorabilia. Many of these are on permanent display at The Dezer Collection, a South Florida based car museum and pavilion featuring over 600 of his vehicles.[View Full Article]
 Hot Rod City In Rueters US Edition
Earlier this year, the veteran entertainment publicist brought his years of marketing expertise to his role as partner in Hot Rod City, a classic and custom car dealership launched in Las Vegas with renowned Miami based real estate developer car and motorcycle collector Michael Dezer. He also launched Luck Media & Motors as an offshoot of his parent company, dedicated to PR and marketing for the automotive and motorcycle industry.  Levesque, the honorary “Mayor of Hot Rod City,” now makes his venture into this realm official, securing his license to sell used vehicles from the State of Nevada. Hot Rod City is a full service company specializing in buying and selling classic cars. [View Full Article]