Sexy Car Models for Hire at Hot Rod City

HOT ROD CITY LAS VEGAS, dealer of some of the coolest classic cars and hot rods from Sin City is now offering Hot Rod City Sexy Car Models for hire. Hot Rod City Sexy Car Models is featuring a wide range of eye-popping female models to draw attention to your booth or car product displays at the numerous car and motorcycle shows, conventions and vehicle-related events in Las Vegas. Choose a gorgeous, friendly, personable, well-spoken young lady to staff your booth, pose for photos with customers or display your products at Barrett-Jackson, Viva Las Vegas, SEMA, NASCAR, Movie Premieres, High-End Charity Events, Commercials, etc. The models represent various styles including Pin-up, Goth, Tattooed, Hot Rod, Burlesque, Rockabilly, Girl Next Door, Glamour, etc.

States Steve Levesque, Mayor of Hot Rod City Las Vegas, “I got the idea from renting out some of our vintage cars to TV & Film productions, etc., for $1000 per day and up. If companies will pay that much money for a cool car just to sit there and look good for them… then I also want to fill the need for those businesses who would like to employ very visual and sexy Hot Rod Models to draw attention to their products and also be great spoke-persons as well if need be!” Steve Levesque is a car, motorcycle and music enthusiast and has been featured on television programs such as “Pawn Stars” and “Counting Cars.”

Hot Rod City Sexy Car Models is only available to legitimate automotive-related businesses

… sorry guys, no Bachelor Parties or personal Escort dates! More information available at or 213 500 8619 or