About Hot Rod City





Earlier this Year, the President of LUCK Media & Marketing
Launched LUCK Media & Motors in Conjunction with
Las Vegas Based Hot Rod City

Even as he has launched and developed the careers of hundreds of superstar
and independent music artists over the years, Steve Levesque, President of LUCK
Media and Marketing (www.luckmedia.com), was driven by another passion:
collecting classic cars and motorcycles.
Earlier this year, the veteran music and entertainment publicist brought his years
of marketing expertise to his role as partner in Hot Rod City, a classic and custom car
dealership launched in Las Vegas with renowned Miami based real estate developer
car and motorcycle collector, Michael Dezer. He also launched LUCK Media & Motors
as an offshoot of his parent company, dedicated to PR and marketing for the
automotive and motorcycle industry.
Levesque, the honorary “Mayor of Hot Rod City,” now makes his venture into
this realm official, securing his license to sell used vehicles from the State of Nevada.
Hot Rod City is a full service company that specializes in buying and selling classic
“The market for classic cars is booming right now despite the bad economy,” he
says, “because baby boomers are looking for new places to invest their money. Banks
are paying little or no interest on savings accounts, the stock market is volatile, real
estate has let them down and a lot of people have seen their nest eggs dwindle or
disappear. Our customers are a lot like me- always interested in the classic cars they
admired and wanted when they were young but couldn’t afford. These days, they know
they can have fun with them, but just as importantly, they’re great investments that are
always increasing in value. That’s a rare commodity in these challenging times.”
Levesque, whose PR company has offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles,
explains his evolution into the car dealership business and automotive PR as an
outgrowth of his longtime passion for cool old cars that he cultivated while growing up in
Southern California. When he became successful in the PR world as an adult and had
money to invest, he achieved his dreams and he began building a small private

collection of vintage cars and motorcycles that included a ’65 Corvette and ’84 Ferrari.
“It’s basically a hobby that began generating extra money and which has now
spun happily out of control,” he says. “I was always interested in classic cars. The only
difference between then and now is that in those days, I could only admire them and
envy the guys who were driving them. Now I’m one of those guys and get to meet other
enthusiasts due to my work with this new company.”
Cars that have been on the showroom or passed through Hot Rod City include
everything from a ’57 Chevy Wagon and ’69 Camaro SS to a ’52 DeSoto, ‘51
Studebaker, ’75 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and different model Ferraris and
The Hot Rod City classic car dealership is part of a multi-faceted automotive
Mecca of the same name created by Dezer. A classic car and scooter collector since
the ‘70s, Dezer, a renowned New York and Miami real estate developer, has
accumulated hundreds of vehicles and thousands of pieces of memorabilia. Many of
these are on permanent display at The Dezer Collection, a South Florida-based car
museum and pavilion featuring more than 600 of his vehicles.
The museum and showroom portion of Hot Rod City, located in an industrial
area near the Vegas Strip off Tropicana Avenue at 5115 Dean Martin Dr., will feature
some of the most popular vehicles in Dezer’s extensive collection. Many of these are
film and TV icons, including the “Beverly Hillbillies” jalopy, the Mercedes from “The
Hangover” (a recent comedy classic set in Vegas), the Harley that Arnold
Schwarzenegger rode in “The Terminator” films, the Dragula (Grandpa Munster’s
hot rod coffin on wheels), the “General Lee” Dodge Charger from “Dukes of Hazard”
and the “Robocop” police car.
Hot Rod City also houses a variety of automotive related businesses: exotic and
custom car / motorcycle sales & rentals, customizers, body shops, mechanics, paint
shops, fabricators, car restorers, upholstery shops, etc.
In 2009, Dezer’s collection had outgrown his private 18,000 sq. ft. museum
located in the Trump International Beach Resort in Miami Beach and he sought a
new location. In 2010, he sought a new location to open the now public museum which
was deemed the largest vehicular attraction in the United States. The Dezer Collection,
along with nostalgic memorabilia, food court, shopping and housed in the 250,000 sq. ft.
air conditioned facility.
Since launching LUCK Media & Marketing in 1999, Levesque and his dynamic
team of media specialists have been an instrumental force in the breaking of hundreds
of emerging independent artists, revitalizing the careers of established performers and
helping independent labels gain a foothold in the marketplace. Evolving into a well
rounded full service “one stop shop” entertainment company dedicated to marketing,
promotion, publicity and management consulting, LUCK has propelled artists “from the
streets to the stadiums” in a wide variety of genres: pop, R&B, country, jazz, new age,
adult contemporary, classic rock, alt rock, hardcore, rap/hip-hop, metal, Americana, folk,
blues, electronic and more.
Under Levesque’s guidance, LUCK Media & Marketing has developed dynamic
and powerful creative strategies that have led it to become, for many of its clients, a
virtual major label. Its areas of expertise include artist development, music marketing
consulting, touring and live performance consulting, assisting with music placement in

film, television and commercials and music business and accounting referrals. Over the
years, LUCK’s diverse clientele has included country superstars Billy Ray Cyrus, Sara
Evans and Kenny Chesney (Steve’s wife drove Miley to her audition for “Hannah
Montana”!); R&B greats Chaka Khan, Rick James and James Brown; still going
strong 80s pop icons Air Supply and Rick Springfield; Bush; Lalapaloooza; and pop/
rock legends Mick Fleetwood, New York Dolls, Julio Iglesias, Frankie Valli and
Ritchie Blackmore.